• We believe that good marcom is made of knowledge, curiosity and luck;
    after that, long standing marcom is a mix of determination,
    live staging and no-bullshit at the point of contact with the customer.


  • • Customer service platforms
    • E-commerce
    • Mobile apps


  • • Live (hybrid) video production
    • Production for digital campaigns



    We are a small company, focused on communication pilot projects, in digital, event and production. They are pilot projects because we are looking for new ideas to interpret and create communication campaigns, which we can later replicate and scale.

    For example, we are now working on several applications that use interaction with artificial intelligence platforms, with useful functionalities in communication. In the last year, several digital ‘products’ have resulted: for monitoring internet sites of all kinds, for advanced writing of press releases, for the ‘avatarization’ of photographed or filmed characters, or for maintaining a humanized conversation with clients, through a ChatAI carefully prepared to know and express your business empathetically and accurately.

    Eduard Ciocirlan

    Strategy and hands on projects; I wrote the presentation, whatever good or bad it means

    Liviu Durla

    The A.I. mastermind and multimedia pro, the actual driver of our newly discovered A.I. trend

    Ion Avram

    Top shelf creative; his specialty is packaging, built with the eye of an architect and pragmatism of the store owner.

    Valentin Stanciu

    Quick and dirty coding for mobile and server

    Bogdan Popescu

    A data base old pro and e-commerce newly discovered geek, he is keeping our work up and running.

    To give an example, the monitoring of websites of all kinds means that we can constantly monitor content, within the limits allowed by the GDPR rules, with a biweekly frequency, from open web platforms for taking over the content, but not only that. The objective, otherwise legally limited, is to signal to the client that a conversation on the Internet is tense and affects his reputation, so that he can follow it up in a timely manner and act in communication. It is more than ‘sentiment analysis’, it is a summary table with positive opinions and negative, emerging conversations, i.e. an understanding of the narratives, their sources, and with immediately actionable solutions (and here we can give you some ideas, more detail).

    Let’s Meet In Person

    Otherwise, we have included short information about our team, but we actually want you to meet us in person, at work. For this, the contact details welcome@transform.ro and tel/whatsapp +40724270716 are at your disposal.

    Meet Grut

    If you still have time to browse our website, please try a short conversation with our candidate receptionist, *Grut, a prototype through which we test the functionality and appeal of one of the ChatAIs we are working on.

    *Grut is partially inspired (as appearance and manifestation) by the character Baby Groot, trademark of Marvel, but it is built with the help of the DALL.E3 model of OpenAI. Our intention is not at this stage, commercial, but to test a recognizable type of character. The testing is, therefore, limited in time and purpose and does not intend to infringe the intellectual property rights of the entities mentioned above. In the event that an interested party notifies us, the use of our creation will cease in a timely manner, while retaining the accumulated knowledge.